CoMetis – Report from the Final Event of the ‘Globalization and Internet’ Initiative – Interviews with Experts

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This episode of CoMetis is wholly about the final event of CoLab’s 9th Initiative ‘Globalisierung und Internet’. Members of the Collaboratory expert group were present to talk about TTIP and its discourses with other scientific and Internet-related experts under the title “Internet, Trade and Democracy: Transatlantic relations under the shadow of surveillance” on 10th October.
During the event, we have conducted five short interviews. Glyn Moody gave the keynote at the event. He is a technology journalist from London and writes for The Guardian and The Economist. He also actively comments in the debate about the NSA surveillance controversy and consumer rights issues in the TTIP negotiations.

Katharina Kahmann, Bastian Koch and Miguelángel Verde Garrido are members of the Co-Lab expert group and view TTIP from different critical angles. Katharina wrote her Master’s dissertation about the ACTA controversy and she see parallels recurring in the TTIP negotiations. Bastian is a marketing and social media expert who raises the question whether we live in a new culture formed by the Internet. Doing his PhD, Miguelángel researches about economic and social dynamics of states, corporations, and civil society and he speaks criticially about the involvement of the latter in the dialogue. 

Dr. Stefan Heumann is deputy director of the European Digital Agenda at the stiftung neue verantwortung and he criticizes the backwards-looking orientation of TTIP, which focuses on old industry and trade models while largely neglecting digital topics.

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Sebastian Haselbeck

Sebastian Haselbeck

Sebastian ist Geschäftsführer des Collaboratory e.V.

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