CoLab at the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference 2014

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On our last office day we want to get the word out about the upcoming Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference 2014 taking place in Brussels January 22 to 24. We have joined the CPDP as „moral supporter“, and will also be on location with a small group of experts from our own network.

In the interest of full transparency, this support partnership is unrelated to Google’s sponsorship of the conference. Google Germany is the Collaboratory’s biggest donor in 2013 (see our transparency report).

Conference on data protection reform

We are convinced that active participation in the European dialogue on internet and society challenges, especially by civil society, is essential for the discourse to take a sustainable path. The line-up for speakers promises an extremely eye-opening conference track, which includes among many others experts who have already participated in activities that are or have been part of our own working groups on privacy, publicness and data protection, such as Seda Gürses of New York University. Click here to register

(Registration for early bird tickets include reduced prices for NGOs and academics until December 22nd.)

Let us know if you plan to attend, and please spread the word. The CPDP is the conference on data protection reform in Europe, at a crucial time for this policy field, as negotiations about the „EUDataP“ are continuing to make headlines.


About the CPDP

Every year in Brussels, CPDP gathers policy makers, academics, computer scientists, consultants, practitioners and activists from all over the world to exchange ideas and discuss emerging issues in information technology, privacy, data protection and law. CPDP has been growing progressively since its inception in terms of speakers, participants and panels. Ambitions for CPDP 2014 are higher than ever, and we aim to stage more than 40 panels and workshops (with a stimulating mix of academics, practitioners, regulators and advocates), as well as multiple side events (such as open debates, Pecha-Kucha performances and artistic interventions).

CPDP is a non profit platform originally founded in 2007 by research groups from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the Université de Namur and Tilburg University. The platform was joined by the Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique and the Fraunhofer Institut für System und Innovationsforschung. For CPDP 2013, these conference partners have been joined by yet more outstanding institutions, including: TU Berlin, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, the University of Leiden, the University of Passau and the University of Amsterdam. In addition, CPDP2014 welcomes the KU Leuven as a new European partner and is also proud to welcome a number of prestigious American partners, including: Capital University, Berkeley, University of Main and Fordham University.

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Sebastian Haselbeck

Sebastian Haselbeck

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