Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

Transatlantic Roundtable on Global Challenges in Transparency and Open Government

Date: May, 21st, 7.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.
Location: Hertie School of Governance, Berlin
The event and discussion language will be English. Please arrive on time.
Registration: Limited seating! Please register via the RSVP Form

Open Government is about more than just transparency through technology. We need think about what we want to achieve in making government more open, which is not an end in itself. Open government is about empowering people to take part in complicated political processes and to be engaged in political decision making processes that impact our societies. This was previously not possible to the extent it is today. We have to consider these new opportunities to cope with global challenges together with the wisdom and flexibility of crowds. Geo-services, wiki-based collaboration or open data give us tools for decentralized societal value creation on a worldwide basis for everyone all over the world independent of nationality, culture and religion one belongs to. The recently launched Open Government Partnership is one initiative that tries to bring a global perspective into open government efforts and at the same time establishes a model for community-public partnerships the world over. 

On both sides of the atlantic, non-governmental organizations are working on making governments more transparent, accountable and participatory in an effort to cope with global change, democratic deficits, the financial crisis and a better way of life empowered by advances in technology. In bringing together Ellen Miller, founding director of the Sunlight Foundation (, a Washington DC based NGO, and a circle of German actors working in the transparency and open government community, we want to facilitate a transatlantic exchange of ideas an experiences. During an evening round table event we want to provide a platform for this exchange to take place in order to discuss best practices on how to achieve our goals, as well as discuss such global developments like the Open Government Partnership. The evening will provide the participants with a chance at learning first-hand about the work of the Sunlight Foundation, and give Ellen the opportunity to connect with the German open government community. We hope this exchange is a start into further transatlantic exchange on NGO level and beyond.

1. Introduction and welcome (7.30pm)
2. Introduction to work of the Sunlight Foundation (Ellen Miller) (7.45 - 8.10)
3. Round table with representatives from selected NGOs(50min) (8.15 - 9pm)
4. Open discussion with audience, wrap up, Networking, etc (9pm - 9.30)

Round table key questions:

  • What are efficient and cost-effective ways for non-profits to lobby government transpareny?
  • What is your organization doing that sets it apart?
  • Which lessons can we draw from the Sunlight Foundations’ model projects?
  • Which success stories can German NGOs report?
  • What are our perspectives on the Open Government Partnership?

Participants for the roundtable and hosts of the event:
Daniel Dietrich (Open Knowledge Foundation)
Nicolas Dietrich (Liquid Democracy)
Stefan Gehrke (Open Data Network)
Gregor Hackmack (Abgeordnetenwatch)
Sebastian Haselbeck (Internet & Society Collaboratory)
Timo Lange (LobbyControl)
Christian Lorenz (Government 2.0 Network Deutschland)
Ellen Miller (Sunlight Foundation)
Ole Winterman (Bertelsmann Stiftung / Future

Hertie School of Governance
Quartier 110, Friedrichstraße 180, 10117 Berlin
Room: Forum B (Size: up to 40 guests)

FAQ (Deutsch)
Wer organisiert die Veranstaltung?
Wurde auf Eigeninitiative hin von Sebastian Haselbeck (Co:llaboratory) und Ole Wintermann (Future Challenges) organisiert, die Idee ist im Rahmen der offenen Arbeitsgruppe Open Government des Co:llaboratory entstanden.

Wer lädt ein, wer ist der Gastgeber?
Wir, alle Teilnehmenden des Runden Tisch gemeinsam.

Wer finanziert das Event?
Die Hertie School of Governance ist Gastgeber. Es entstehen für den Runden Tisch dadurch keine Raumkosten. Kostenübernahme für Kaltgetränke und Snacks wird noch geklärt.

Wird die Veranstaltung aufgezeichnet? Gibt es eine Dokumentation?
Nein, ist nicht geplant.

Was ist das Ziel der Veranstaltung?
Ein Fachlicher Austausch der im Bereich der Transparenz aktiven NGOs, ein transatlantisches Gespräch über Arbeitsweisen, Best Practices etc. zusammen mit der Gründungsdirektorin der Sundlight Foundation, die in vielerlei Hinsicht Vorbildcharacter einnimmt.

Questions about the event, please contact

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