Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014

Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference this week in Brussels

The CPDP Conference starts this Wednesday in Brussels. It is the 7th such international conference on privacy and data protection issues and boasts an impressive line-up of speakers from around the world. You can still register for it, have a look at the program if you're interested.

The Collaboratory will be represented by Gordon Süß, who will among other things present the Offlinetags Project there. Among the speaker list (which is quite long already) are Prof. Frank Pallas of the TU Berlin, and Seda Gürses, who were also part of the Collaboratory's 4th initiative on privacy and publicness, as well as Andreas Krisch of AK Vorrat Berlin and EDRi, who has contributed to our Discussion Paper Series last year.

The several panels, presentations, speeches and workshops at the conference promise to be a very comprehensive immersion into the issues, and we intend to cover the next few days via Twitter and a summary blog post, along with some interviews, coming up on this blog soon.

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